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Creative Writing

Accepting fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, including stories, novels, novel excerpts, novellas, personal essays, humor, sketches, memoirs, literary biographies, commentary, self help, inspirational, the weird/creepy, and features of interest to readers who take pleasure in storytelling and imaginative prose. 

We look for quality and originality of language and content. 

Manuscript Formatting & Guidelines:

  • 12 pt font 

  • Range 200 to 1000 words

  • Word .doc .docx format only. .PDF or scanned documents will not be accepted

  • Please ensure accuracy of grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc.

  • Please refrain from: vulgar language, politics, all forms of hate speech, racial slurs, bias etc. These will not be accepted.

  • If you have images that pair your submission, please be sure to follow our guidelines here.

  • Entries are non-paid at this time. We hope as we continue to grow, that this will change.​ However if you are published within our editorial, we randomly provide free "mini mags" to features. But this is not always guaranteed.

  • If we find that your submission to be suitable for online or print, we will notify you within 7-12 working days. Hang tight!



Once an article is accepted to be published, it grants us the permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, videos, marketing pieces, advertisements,  and any other mediums or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and monetization of Myssfit Magazine. 

Currently, Myssfit LLC does not pay for written work, but we can promise that we will credit your articles and include links, emails, etc. so others may locate you!

All other Terms and Conditions apply.

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By filling out this digital release form, I (Name Listed Below) hereby grant Myssfit Magazine LLC permission to use the Article(s) or other content submitted in their publication, including their website & internet postings.  I verify that I have the right to publish the people in the Article(s) and that I own the rights to have these Article(s)) (or other content) distributed, published, or otherwise promoted by Myssfit Magazine LLC as they see fit for their publication.  I certify that this work of art is not plagiarized from another source.

I understand that the Article(s) (or other content) I submit to Myssfit Magazine LLC may be used in their publication in print or digitally as well as on their website and other social media and internet postings.

I understand that by completing this form only allows Myssfit Magazine LLC to use my Article(s)  (or other content) in their publication, and at no time will Myssfit Magazine LLC assume rights to the Article(s)  (or other content) themselves, other than me allowing them the right to publish the Article(s) or other content submitted and should they then post pages from the publication on their website or in internet postings.

I understand that at no time shall I be paid, re-imbursed, compensated, or given royalties, now or at any point in the future by Myssfit Magazine LLC unless in writing.

I hereby irrevocably authorize Lapalme Magazine to copy, exhibit, publish or distribute this Article(s) (or other content) in their publication for purposes of publicizing Myssfit Magazine LLC in their publication, website or internet postings or for any other lawful purpose. I also give the right for Myssfit Magazine LLC to make any necessary edits (i.e. crop/resize .....) to fit the publication.

I hereby hold harmless and release and forever discharge Myssfit Magazine LLC from all claims, demands, and causes of action which I, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on my behalf or on the behalf of my estate have or may have by reason of this authorization.

I affirm that all given statements to the magazine are true. As the provider, I also understand that submissions of content, or completion of release, is not a guarantee of publication. If Work is published, it is the duty of the provider (and not Myssfit Magazine LLC) to notify all involved parties of their involvement in the final product.

By clicking Submit, I (Name Listed above) hereby grant Myssfit Magazine LLC permission to use the Article(s) or other content submitted in their publication, including their website & internet postings. You also agreeing to their Term and Conditions.

Thanks for submitting!

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