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2022: Authentically Me

My 2022 resolution is to truly embrace myself 100%. Confidence hasn’t ever come easy to me. In all honesty… it’s something I never really recognized. My success has often felt like a fraud. I don’t feel worthy of my successes. I’d constantly try to ‘one up’ myself. Unable to celebrate the small wins. The constant nagging feeling of needing to prove something to myself. Can you relate?

Recently, I learned of a term while scrolling mindlessly through TikTok (like every other 30+ year old on a weekday evening). Have you heard of ‘imposter syndrome’?

It’s a psychological phenomenon in which people have trouble believing their success is legitimate. Instead, they feel that they do not measure up to others and that they are frauds on the verge of being exposed.

After reading others' experiences, it clicked. Since this summer, I have been doing all I can to retrain my thinking of myself. To allow myself to accept compliments. To stop myself from jumping to an immediate negative conclusion. I pushed myself to apply for a new career. After many failed attempts in the first half of the year, I finally landed a career at a company I truly enjoy. Since then, I have finally made the effort to go back to the doctors for health check ups, and to take the reins on my mental health. My late 20s always had it’s up and downs, but since the beginning of the pandemic, it of course declined and I remained in a zombie-like state. I was consuming myself in any new craft I could get my hands on, avoiding my emotions.

This year I proved myself wrong and with the help and support of my amazing boyfriend, family and friends. I reminded myself of my original mission for Myssfit… giving everyone the creative safe space for like minded loving individuals to connect with and support. Where everyone is celebrated regardless of your shape, size, race, gender, or sexuality. Where everyone is dropping fire emojis and “YAS QUEENS/KINGS” to strangers. So ... if I provide this space for others, I need to be able to accept myself for who I am as well.

2021 has been an amazing chapter in my 31st year of life (outside of political and social issues). I am not perfect. I am wholeheartedly weird. I am kind and will do whatever I can to make others feel accepted. Including myself.

Know that if you are feeling like me, you are not alone. It’s okay to celebrate you. 2022 is going to be 100% authentically me. Embracing and loving myself as much as I love all of you! You will see MORE of me.

My 2022 Myssfit plans are going to get real. I cannot promise that I will continue to push out more blogs or vlogs. I cannot promise that mini mags will be returning, or the pins. However, I can promise that I will keep 2022 different. I will try to make each month interesting. I am going with the flow, taking one step at a time.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support this year! You are all amazing humans! Go continue to share your talent with the world and spread positivity too!

Here is to 2022! I hope your year is abundant, healthy, full of growth, and healing!

Be safe out there~



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