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5 Things Myssfit Looks for in Submissions

I have received some questions recently regarding what I look for in submissions for Myssfit Magazine. More specifically, what type of images are we more likely to accept first.

Our guidelines for our submission are fairly generic and are pretty similar to other magazines in terms of dimensions (8.5"x11") and DPI of at least 300. We look for the images that fit the overall Myssfit mission. (Guidelines)

Here are 6 things that we look for:

Relate-ability: The images submitted must be related to the monthly theme. We recently started "Theme Mood Boards" on our Pinterest to help future submittees. We do have an "Open Theme" at least once a year. Click here for our August board!

Originality: Myssfit celebrates the individuality of each human. We like to share the personalities of all participants. We look for the abstract - things you won't see in other zines.

Composition: The brightness, contrast, blur/focus, color scheme, etc. is also really important. It does affect print quality as well, so we are sure to select images that won't have issues.

Diversity: We LOVE keeping every issue diverse. That includes ALL body shapes/sizes, ALL skin colors/types, ALL heights, ALL genders, and we keep our space LGBQT+ friendly.

Fluidity: This is how I describe the flow of how ones' eyes trace an image with the use of leading lines, symmetry, diagonals and triangles.

Our submission page contains at least 3 months of upcoming themes, the form open dates and deadlines. The month's are also linked to their corresponding mood boards. If you have any questions about any of the guidelines, or other inquiries, contact us!

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