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Self Aware Bitch- Anna Sofia, Pop Artist on the Rise

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Emerging onto the scene at the young age of 15, Anna Sofia is making quite the splash.

She began dancing at the age of 3 while picking up instruments along the way. Using these to her advantage, she began to create a sound all her own. Fans went crazy for her first two songs, "I try" and "Meaner Girl," and then she was signed with Republic Records. After getting signed, she introduced us all to "No Fun" off of her debut album "Self Aware Bitch."

Pulling inspiration from Elton John, Queen, and Benee, Anna uses her music to tell her story of her high school career is like. Listening to it on my own, it is still relatable even past the high school years. While in high school, some changes had to come to her schedule to make everything a little easier. Transitioning some of her classes to online school to be more flexible with traveling. Using these experiences, she can tell a side of high school that isn't shown in movies or television.

Enjoying being her own boss, she shares some advice that has helped her out in this journey. "I should never let anyone control me or make decisions for me. Do not let anyone take control of your career."

Practicing every day will be bringing a new EP within the next few months. While she began playing piano from a young age, she has also picked up the ukulele. We can only imagine her sitting in her bedroom, enjoying some cottage cheese, making some magical music for all of us introverts during this crazy, unprecedented time. Anna Sofia is one to watch over the next few months. We here at Myssfit can't wait to hear more!

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