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Inside the Studio: Blue Kubricks

Written by: Jevon Armstrong

Blue Kubricks of Leeds consists of 5 musicians, 2 of which are brothers from Finland, who have played from a very young age. Their parents aren't necessarily musical, but their uncles were in a band called Neverhurt, and bought them instruments. Jim tells us that he received his first guitar at the age of six. They came to the name of Blue Kubricks after the name 'Kubricks" had been taken, Jim dove into the dark web and found that Stanley Kubrick shot a porno called 'Blue' and Blue Kubricks was born.

Being in the limelight comes at a cost and much criticism. The worst critiques are often our minds. "Ego is the ultimate enemy and you should listen to everyone and take everyone's opinion seriously. You are not as good as you think, you don't know nearly as much as what you think you do, and you should, therefore, be a perpetual student and appreciate criticism because that's how you get better." Sound advice to follow! Jim continues to give some advice for those just starting out as well, "Expect nothing and appreciate anything you get from music because it's probably more than you deserve."

Finding a balance in life, a struggle we all face daily is no different for musicians. The band practices 2-3 times a week, but finding time between life to practice individually can be difficult. But that is the addiction that Jim has chosen. Jim is a Finnish Naval military police officer but finds a way to make his songs cheeky and fun with hidden messages.

Their new single 'You're a Beach,' scheduled to release on September 25th, is one of Blue Kubricks new favorite songs. Fans can access their music on Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes. Videos for "Take Back The Power" and 'If I Leave' can be found on Youtube.

Instagram: @bluekubricks


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