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The Artist Collective: Camnal Arts

Written by: Jevon Armstrong

Camnal Arts, consisting of Cam and Al, is bringing their spin on original and fan art from the east coast of the United States. Using digital, acrylic, pen and ink, and collages as their mediums. Navigating through life has brought them this extraordinary passion for creativity. Utilizing freedom of expression, they use reality and cartoons as a vehicle. Since they have begun this journey, they "truly understood what inspired our artwork over the years and found a more distinct style and motivation to create." Finding that creative niche can be difficult, but for Cam and Al, they have discovered "being out of the city - in the middle of the country and forest where the nearest gas station is 20 miles away. No internet, just imagination." That sounds like a dream come true!

A few of their biggest influencers include themselves, independent artists at Cartoon Network, and Rebecca Sugar. Some of the best advice they have received, which goes out to all of the other creatives in the world, don't stop creating! For those who may be just starting on their journey or looking for some inspiration, "Surround yourself with blank canvases, find any old pencil and a worthy eraser, and just sit there until inspiration strikes. It will come eventually, and patience is the key." An integral part of being an artist includes having patience and integrity, "don't take shortcuts unless you are okay with the consequences."

Their favorite piece is, "Mr. Deercy's Final Portrait to be hung in his resting home - one of us has a fear of deer and this acrylic portrait of a deer with hands in a smoking jacket was a way to overcome it." The dynamic duo is looking forward to one day, "Designing for up-and-coming businesses in order to help elevate them on any platform."

Camnal is currently taking commissions and can be found on Instagram. "As artists, we have no limitations or restrictions on what we are willing to create. If you think it, we will do everything in our power to bring it to reality, and that is our promise.

Follow them on Instagram at @camnal.arts


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