Freelance Model and Co-Designer of Reby Shoes

Written by: Jevon Armstrong

Rebecca Tilchen of Danville, California, knew from a young age that she wanted to be a model, despite what others told her. Rebecca is a Freelance Model and Co-Designer of Reby Shoes and a brand ambassador of various brands. From modeling to co-designing shoes with business partner David Taylor, she conveys hard work, determination, and ambition. Starting at the age of 22 in a small town, it took some time for her career to take off. Any new adventure is scary enough, but to have doubt thrown in at every different angle makes it that much more difficult. After being tempted to quit modeling, she stood back up and continued to work hard for what she wanted. The opportunity came along for Rebecca to work with David Taylor on designing shoes, and this opened many doors to photographers.

Rebecca has competed for Maxim's covers in 2019 and Savior Faire in 2020 and submitted a video pitch for Elle and Boss Babes. Recently she has been receiving much attention from brands and has been promoting them on her Instagram.

Finding inspiration from Tyra Banks, who struggled getting started in the modeling business at a young as well. Rebecca shares, "Tyra was very determined to not let it stop her when one door closed she found another one to open and she always inspired me to not listen to the haters."

Rebecca's favorite piece of art that she has created, "The shoes I co-designed with David Taylor. They are something we designed together and I'm very proud of them. It's something I never thought I'd do as a 25 year old in a small town but I got the opportunity and knew I had nothing to lose and took it." She continues to pass along this advice, "Don't give up. This Industry is hard. You will face a lot of scrutiny and unprofessional people this is not easy but do not lose hope and be ambitious go for every great opportunity out there there's no shortage of those."

Visit Rebecca's website:

Follow Rebecca on Instagram: @reby360

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