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Image by Sincerely Media

Resin Artist Crystal Cat Coterie

Missouri- Crystal started practicing with fluid art when she uncovered the magic and beauty of resin art.

What is resin?

For those who don't know what resin is, resin is a solid that forms when combining two equal parts of a clear epoxy resin and combining it with a hardener to become a solid. Artists that work with resin, then pour the completed mixture into a mold (most common made out of silicone). They can then add any material of their choosing to decorate it to match their vision.

After a period of time, the artist can removed the final product fro

m the mold once it has been cured for the required amount of time. The resin item will have a high gloss surface.

"Over time I have worked very hard to learn new skills and perfect them to my best ability," Crystal said.

How do you get into your creative space? What inspires you?:

I listen to music while I create.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?:

"Don't give up."

What’s your favorite piece of art work you have created?:

a medusa color shift wall hanging.

What’s integral to the work of an artist?:

Having a peace of mind. You can't create as well when you don't feel at peace.

What is your dream project?:

To create a resin table.

To any struggling creatives in the world, what word(s) of advice would you like to give them?:

Everyone started out with 0 followers, don't measure your success by someone else's.

You can find more creative goodies on Crystal's website


By following her on Facebook /crystalcatcoterie and Instagram @crystalcatcoterie. She does take custom requests!

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