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Dying Breed by Jamie L. Smith

Dying Breed by Jamie L. Smith

Sun is setting

This mountain town

This Hollow*

Hills that keep us curious who is out there.


Look out, empty. The peaceful kind

Dim flame, load the stove

This garage won’t warm itself.

Reminds me of Annabel…

Me as well.

Most women I know don’t get me

The person I am

My hopes and fears sound nothing like theirs

Taken, married, insurance policies.

Not me.

Not Fade Away, snowy FM tuner

Slowly stroll to the Smeg, AN I.P.A. sounds about right

I have to remember to replace that bulb.

Rusted chassis, beautiful patina

She won’t fix herself.

My Pop is going to teach me how to weld

It will be one more thing

I can do for myself

Cut the wood, tile floor, change the headlight

My favorite gifts are the ones I get for myself

Except hand- curated tool set from an old time hot-rodder, My Pop.

That was the best.

Still is.

“Women want to be taken care of. Otherwise the men won’t want you.”

But I want me. Isn’t that enough?

Yes. It is enough

Or least it should be.

I clean up well for a night on the town.

I mind my manners

I’m educated too.

There is nothing that screams home,

Home at last,

Like dim flame, load the stove

This garage won’t warm itself.

I will.

Cut the cords, kindling splinters

Ms. Annabel Lee needs attention.

Tune- up, oil change

Those rockers won’t weld themselves.

But I can, soon

My Pop will teach me.

All I need is me

Survival, thriving for a family of three.

The young always know who to count on.

No typical women choose

What I choose every day.

I am a dying breed, you know.

In the Hollow*, garage rat

Hillbilly mentality

Pretty face and fresh mouth

One of the guys.

Busted Knuckles

Wear grease and a smile

Roots that run deep as my pride

No matter the path

Dying breeds never hide their sparkle.

They set the land on fire.

*Hollow: pronounce “Holler”

About the Author:

Jamie L. Smith

A single mother of two, is a rat rod enthusiast, Pin Up girl culture and photography nerd. She resides in a small rural farm town of the Hudson Valley, NY.

Instagram @pinupsmitty

Photo Credit: Jamie L. Smith 'self portrait/ self reflection'

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