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Creative Spotlight: Ems Artwork DeadCanvas

UK- Emily began uncovering her creative abilities while drawing with her father at the very young age of 3 years old. "I have always had a love for art, generally switching between painting and drawing for years," Emily said.

Thus, Ems Artwork was born! Just recently, AND she launched her shop, DeadCanvas on Etsy!

Read our interview with Emily here! 🖤

What does your artwork represent?:

"It represents every inch of my own being. I pass on lots of snippets of my own personality and style with every piece I make".

How has your practice change over time? :

"I used to paint a lot but over time I've switched back to more drawing with a mix of pencil and pen. In the past year I've taken the leap and gone self employed full time with my art which was a massive lifestyle change! "

How do you get into your creative space? What inspires you? :

"I find inspiration everywhere. I'm always having ideas sparked by the general world around me, the internet and other artists. "

Who are your biggest influences? :

I have always been a fan of Roy Litchenstein, even though my work is completely on the other end of the spectrum from his! I always loved his clever use of scale and technique that was really current for his time as well, it left an impact on people and that's also what I want to do with my work.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? :

"Never give up - I know it sounds super cheesy and common but it's true! Even if you never want a business from creating, if it's something you enjoy never compromise on that. "

What’s your favorite piece of art work you have created? :

"I created a drawing recently called Arachnophobia, and given I'm scared of spiders I'm simply proud of the fact I managed to conquer that enough to create a piece like this! "

What memorable responses have you had to your work? :

"I've had a few pieces handed over to children and the parents often send me photos of the kids with their artwork and the little smiles on their faces really makes all the hard work worth the effort!

I also made a piece of my partner and his grandad for his nans birthday as a memory and my partner had seen the finished piece lots of times already but burst out crying when his nan opened it, which then set me off too! His nan loved the piece herself but just sat laughing at the pair of us! It was a really lovely moment to share with them all. "

What’s integral to the work of an artist? :


What is your dream project? :

"I'd love to be able to cover a whole gallery wall with all my work one day! "

To any struggling creatives in the world, what words of advice would you like to give them? :

"Sometimes taking a break can help. Recoup, rest, take care of yourself and then re-approach the creative industry when you feel more personally equipped to do so. Never push yourself to the point of hating or resenting your craft. "

Anything else you would like to add in addition to the above? :

"Just that I hope when it comes to being creative that everyone really does follow their dreams with it. Don't be afraid to dream big!"

You can find more of her creations on Etsy! Be sure to follow her on social media on Facebook /EmsArtworkUK and Instagram


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