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From the Myssfit Desk: Votes

In a perfect world, humans would be kind towards another. Practicing kindness, equality and fairness. 100% what we here at Myssfit (our little dream utiopia) represents.

One thing I have noticed since voting started, (besides scammers trying to sell votes)... is not only the use of entirely fake emails *smh*, or submitting the same valid email 5 times in a row, but it appears that some voters are also creating multiple 'throw away' emails so they can get multiple votes in. PERSONALLY (maybe a majority will agree) this is still ENTIRELY unfair to others who are playing by the rules. 1 vote, per person, per every 12 hours. We consider it cheating otherwise.

To me, when I see this, I visualize catching a classmate from the corner of my eye sneaking in extra paper ballets while voting for their 6th grade class president... while looking around making sure no one sees.

I could never do that to anyone.

I am way too much of an honest person and Myssfit is an honest brand. That is what sets us apart from many other brands. We practice what we preach. We support or fans and followers.

Unfortunately, in today's society, our culture tends to create much negativity and an entire lack of empathy. This often leads some to hurting one another, whether in manipulation, selfishness, and so on. These acts of unkindness then bleed out creating toxic communities/environments. We don't want our brand to ever go in that direction.

Please note, if anyone is doing this, it is honestly just a waste of time and energy since we are able to see time stamps, IP addresses, similarities between synntax, etc. We see you. They will be removed by our software.

Although it is somewhat 'exciting' to see some so eager to get on the cover, to me.. it is always more important to be fair. I am hoping that we will be around long enough that everyone gets a chance to be on the cover. We are always continuously looking for ways we can improve. We do have some ideas for future contests in which we will most likely only use Facebook "likes" to vote on a cover. Please feel free to email us with feedback and ideas. We love hearing from our fans=friends.

If you are a model/photographer who are running in the November contest, please be sure to follow us on Facebook. We need your support, since we are supporting you. It is the only way we will continue to grow.


  • One submitter, per email, per every 12 hours.

  • Our system runs once a day and is usually complete by 12PM EST.

Be aware, that it will remove emails like (usually typos so double check before sending) @gaiml @gmial @yaho

@yahi @gmailcom @yahoocom

Emails that are similarly formatted with similarly syntax

Duplicates made within the same 12hr period

And fake emails:

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