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Hi Friends! My name is Bree, and I am founder of Myssfit/ Myssfit Magazine LLC.

I am a colorful almost 30 year old with a passion to give and support others on this weird journey in life. I was raised in a Catholic household and was always taught to 'love thy neighbor'. As I got older and entered adulthood, my beliefs evolved. The more I began to somewhat understand humanity, the more I saw an opportunity to try and make a change.

I started my adventure in early 2015, with attempts of becoming a life coach, or more of an influencer in the social media space. I threw myself into the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Program and became a mentor to my "little" Emily, who I have continued to mentor for the past 4.5 years!

In late 2016-2017, I launched "Lady Myssfits" Facebook group after hoping to create a safe space for women 18+. One in which we could ask each other for advice, share recipes, HMU tips, and even just vent. I then created initially as a platform to recognize ladies in my local community who were out making a change in the world.

During this time I started modeling on the side to assist me with growing my confidence and with meeting new people. I wanted to be more personable and share my experiences to show others that they were not alone. So of course, I shared my journey with this safe community I thought I had created. Unfortunately, I failed to realize that there were some girls who were in that group were only there to target me. These girls continued to bully by sending "anonymous" notes, or using their friends to send me threats. I was saddened that even after writing a self help book "Unearth Your Inner Goddess" and launching a workshop, I decided to close the group. left untouched for a while and I struggled to find myself and heal. Trying to post supporting content was still hard. I continued to push myself to take advantage of any modeling opportunities as I felt it was one way that I could creatively express myself.

Late 2017, I became a Certified Reiki I & II Practioner through The Studio in Cleveland, Ohio in hopes to help others heal. I met a great group of people who opened my eyes to much more. I am very much into Spiritualism, Witchcraft and LOA. In early 2018, I met 2 photographers who I shared this idea of what I had always envisioned with a brand. I had only been published in a small editorial 3 times when I realized how difficult it was to be accepted. There is too much judgement passed on the size, shape, color, gender, or sexuality on the models. Too much bullying and hate in general. It was then that uncovered how much I wanted to launch an editorial, Myssfit the "ALL" -ternative Magazine.

In June 2018, myself and my photographer friends released the first issue of Myssfit Magazine. Since, Myssfit has sold over 669 copies and have featured over 1500+ creatives from all around the world! To my friends that initially helped launch, they decided to pursue their own journeys last year, so for the past 7 months, it's just been me. These last few months have opened even more ideas on how I can make Myssfit even better.

I understand that many creatives don't normally submit to smaller editorials because they want compensation. I 100% agree creatives should be compensated. I haven't had the funds to do so, but I am changing that. Whether it's free copies of the editorial, gift cards, or merchandise.

This month, in celebration of Myssfit's 2nd Birthday, I have decided to start collaborating with smaller businesses and creatives from around the world. This means that I will be bringing in more merchandise into the shop! My hopes is that supporting these businesses who support Myssfit will allow me to start spoiling all Myssfit featured creatives. Myssfit is my passion. The creative community who has supported my mission deserve more than what I have been able to give.

Over the next few weeks, you will see more items arrive in the shop. These include cosmetics, accessories, apparel, bath/body care and more!

With the current events revolving around Black Lives Matter, and COVID19, it has been eye opening to say the least. So I also have buttons available in the shop NOW in support of the Black Lives Matter (#BLM) movement where 100% of profits will be donated! I also have #PRIDE packages releasing this weekend!

I truly appreciate the patience that everyone has given me this year. I am normally in 10 places at once in my mind trying to find ways to make this a more successful initiative. Myssfit will continue to be an ALL loving magazine. I love each of you and value the support and kindness you have given these past 2 years. Let's make the 3rd year, even better!



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