Inside the Studio: Charlee Remitz

by: Jevon Armstrong

Independent singer, writer, producer, and mixer Charlee Remitz has been hitting the airwaves since 2014 and has released many EP's over the last few years. Charlee has pulled influences from Troye Sivan, John Mayor, Taylor Swift, G-Eazy, Lorde, The Neighbourhood, Elton John, and Foster the People just to name a few.

Growing up her father always loved blue music, which Charlee picked up the admiration of melancholic art from him. With that admiration she has been trying to convince listeners that it's important to feel sad and be in your emotions. "It's important to feel everything and to speak your truth. The truth always win in the end." Charlee tells us further, "Sadness is fundamental to happiness."

Self-worth has been one of the biggest challenges that Charlee has faced. "I always say I want to be as happy at 100 streams as I am when my music eventually accumulates 1,000,000 streams. Happiness comes from within, and I think this is a path that tends to externalize happiness, as though hitting a certain point in your career means you will be happy and fulfilled. You're never gonna be happy if you're looking outside yourself for happiness. Nobody can make you happy. No amount of streams, money, awards, or fans. Happiness is something you achieve after you put in the work to heal what's already there, just below the surface. All that pain. All that sadness. It doesn't just go away with notoriety."

When it comes to criticism, Charlee said "I'm really the only person who can decide whether or not I'm gonna be sad or happy today. I am the final decision maker. Criticism is an important part of the creative process, but only once you're open to it--only once you're separate enough from the work to feel like you can be objective. When you're too close to something, criticism can feel an attack and it's hard to distinguish between constructive criticism and someone being malicious. When you take the time and shelf the project and let it go, it's much easier. But, in all stages, and no matter your attachment to it, the nature of the criticism can be hard to determine. You don't have to take criticism ever and the only criticism you should take is the kind that is constructive. Everything else goes back to that deciding factor: You. Is what somebody said out of spite going to make you sad today. Because if so, you're the person deciding to let it make you sad. The only person who can validate and accept you is you. The only person who has to love your art is you." And this is great advice to follow daily for anyone.

Her advice to someone who may be starting out in their musical career is, "be compassionate towards yourself. This industry isn't going to be. Don't personalize others' successes. Don't personalize things that have nothing to do with you. And don't put yourself in your own way." Remitz

The best advice that Charlee has been given, came from her mother. "It has nothing to do with you." Charlee went on to tell us further on this advice, "And it's true. Most things have nothing to do with you. This world's humans are very good at taking their shit out on each other."

We all may struggle to find a balance in our lives with everything that is put on us. Charlee had a great response to how she deals with finding a balance in here life. "I get overwhelmed frequently. I think listening to your body, and really listening, that's where you find balance. If my body says, "I want to lay on the couch all day" or "I don't feel like going out tonight" or "I'd rather work on this" I try my hardest to listen. But I can be pretty hard on myself, so sometimes it's difficult to hear what I'm really saying."

While writing this and tuning into her music, there are many lessons that can come from one of my new favorite artists. You can find her music on all streaming platforms. New single "Pretty Genius" is being released on September 20th, 2019.

You can find Charlee on Instagram and Facebook or by visiting her website at

Stream her music now on Spotify

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