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Inside the Studio: Clover the Girl

by: Bree Palacios

Clover the Girl is an Alternative Pop Artist from Dallas, Texas. “Which now is really just Pop,” she tells us. “I'm a writer and teller of stories. Music is the only thing I'm really good at”.

Photos by Bailey Franklin

Her love for music started with marching band in junior high school, followed by watching her brother perform in many pop punk and hardcore bands. “It ran his entire world. I always wanted this for myself but didn't start a project of my own until I was 20 after spending some time in and around the Warped Tour / Alt-Rock scene”.

Many of her influences evolve from the Pop genre, “Miley Cyrus, Halsey, Rihanna, P!NK, Doja Cat, Amy Winehouse, all opinionated and lovely women.”

“I'm just trying to take all of the ugly and aggressive feelings and make them beautiful. I have a lot of story to tell and I'm going to take my time.”

Photos by Bailey Franklin

Being an artist of any kind can consume one’s life. At times it may be difficult to find ways to juggle family, friends and passions. “I'm still figuring out how!” She says that she tries her best to remember that she can step away whenever she needs to, whether to breathe or pray.

Clover the Girl, tries to write a song or act upon an idea once a week or more. “But I have to flex my creative muscle daily to avoid going crazy. I pick up gigs and quit them pretty frequently which I've always found embarrassing but my heart is in the right place and I'm just trying to find a way to make the dream happen that God placed in my brain. Right now I walk dogs, write songs, produce and vocal produce, and random things like help people with their laundry to make money. All things I love. I journal often and try to leave checkpoints in my life (like a video game) so I don't get lost in all the madness and stress of my schedule,” she says.

The biggest challenge she has faced while on this journey is seeing an idea all the way through. “A diamond takes a long time to form and most of the time I'm just not patient enough to let it happen,” Clover said.

Photo by Bailey Franklin

In the creative community, criticism can take its toll on anyone emotionally. She said, “It’s different every time really. In the past few years I've gotten better about letting scrutiny ruin my day. "Proving them wrong" (them is something that's ever-changing) isn't my focus anymore and it's quite freeing. I still yell at my phone sometimes though.”

Amongst all of the obstacles, the best advice she said she was given, “Let your heart lead you, just for today. Spend as much time as you need getting to know yourself. This is for you."

In her down time, she enjoys to cook and bake. “My boyfriend Landon and I always cater my music videos. I haven't decided what brings people together faster- Music or Food. I've very passionate about both,” she tells us.

For future plans, she hopes to put out a 30-song album of voice memos only. She also admittedly said she would like to start a podcast.

Be sure to listen to her debut EP "Even If It Hurts" and her favorite song so far, “Damaged” steaming now on all platforms.

Find and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

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