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Inside the Studio: Far from Fiction

By: Jevon Armstrong

We recently had the chance to talk with Brent from Far from Fiction. Brent plays guitar in the band. Their genre of music falls into pop-punk/emo, similar to the bands that have been a staple of the Warped Tour culture for the past 20 years. Far from Fiction pulls influence from Paramore, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Weezer, New Found Glory, Millencolin, Tsunami Bomb, The Bouncing Souls, Mayday Parade, No Doubt, and more recently stuff like Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, etc.

The whole band have been involved with music since a young age, varying in different degrees of seriousness. When it comes to criticism, "Generally we don’t. We like to focus on positivity."

The biggest challenge the band faces would be the Detroit market. "The Detroit market is heavily saturated with very talented bands. This has always been a hotbed for music and creativity in general. So it’s somewhat competitive. There are always multiple shows/events going on every day."

The best advice they could give us for anyone who may be starting out is, "Writing songs is easy. Finding people is difficult. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with other like minded individuals who share the same goals and aspirations. Be kind to everyone. Because you just should and you also never know when you might need that kindness reciprocated. Have patience, work hard, connect with people, and have fun."

The best advice that was given to them, "Never cut corners on the quality of your recordings. You can save money in all sorts of ways. Being thrifty is good. Just don’t allow your songs to suffer as a result."

Any particular meaning behind your music? Favorite Track? "This is really a Mia question. She writes all the lyrics. I know they all step from personal experiences and emotions. My favorite song of ours is called Up In Flames."

Interesting news/fun facts about yourself or the band? "Mia is an amazing artist. She draws, paints, and does photography. We both do art with Photoshop. We make all our own merch designs, album covers, and fliers. We’re both obsessed with Marvel, and I’m a huge pro-wrestling nerd. She’s slowly becoming one as well lol."

Balancing music life with other obligations, "It’s difficult because we all work full time jobs and have many different obligations. But that’s just who we are as people. We like to stay busy and we like to remain creative."

Upcoming Shows/Tours? New Music? "We’re playing with Broadside at Mac’s Bar in Lansing on September 25th, we have our annual Halloween/Autumn themed show on October 13th at the Phoenix 510, and then we have a few dates with Handguns later in the month including The Sanctuary on the 16th."

Far from Fiction's music is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play.

Find them on Facebook !

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