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Inside the Studio: Last Youth

By: Jevon Armstrong

Last Youth is a local band from Columbus, Ohio. Life long friends Cody and Josiah have been playing together since high school. Cody plays the drums and Josiah is on vocals and guitar. They consider themselves to be Alternative Rock. Cody and Josiah both come from a musical background. Cody went on to tell us, "Josiah did choir in high school and was always a talented singer. The way I got into drumming was by tapping my pens in middle school. Josiah and I actually did a talent show in high school called “The Beat Off”. I played the pens and he played his actual drum set and we had a little completion on stage. I still think I won till this day."

Their biggest influences vary. "Josiah and myself listen to different artist a lot of the time. Each song we record is always different and depending on how we feel on certain days we may be influenced by a certain artist. I’ve been jamming The Japanese House and Flor a lot lately. Josiah is probably off listening to Louis the child as we speak, or maybe some new pop punk band. I know he’s been dabbling in the pop punk lately."

Last Youth was their WiFi password that came with their router and decided to use it after they were tired of trying to come up with a name.

The biggest challenges that they face as artists is that they have been a band for less than a year, and are learning the ins and outs of the industry. Due to them being new to the industry, they haven't had to face much criticism, but if they do they "Usually just reply back with a fire meme though."

The best advice they can offer to some entering to the music industry would be, "Network!! Go to as many local shows as you can. Meet people who also play in bands. It can lead to opportunities for yourself." The best advice that they have been given, "Nobody owes you shit."

We asked if there was any particular meaning behind their music and if they have a favorite track. Cody said, "Josiah is the song writer. His songs come from personal hardships and life experiences. Much like every other song writer on earth! My favorite track would probably be Needed You, that chorus is so catchy." After doing some listening of my own, a lot of their songs are quite catchy.

Interesting fact, "Josiah has his own personal business called Hosting Made Easy. He owns up to 23 houses in the Columbus area and rents the rooms out on Airbnb. So if you’re ever in the Columbus area for a few nights, he’s definitely the man to get ahold of!" And they haven't tried that Popeyes chicken sandwich yet.

They have some upcoming shows/tours as well. They will be joining in on the second half of a tour with a band called Sink In. Their first date is October 25th, and will be releasing all dates on their Instagram and Facebook. Last Youth also has new music that will be coming out before the tour.

Their music can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

Be sure to check our their website!

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