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Inside the Studio: Vetnough

by: Jevon Armstrong

Band Members:

Julia Powell (guitar/ vocals), Carlos Reyes (keyboards/synth), and Christina Piasecki (Drums)


We usually call ourselves "dark wave indie rock," but we've never really been able to pinpoint a specific genre for ourselves.


Julia: Amy Winehouse, Alphaville, A place to bury strangers, Brick + Mortar, WHITE

Carlos: The XX, Herbie Hancock, Mehliana Project, Everyday Life Experiences

Christina: Portishead, Lemolo, The Sta

Vetnough formed in 2018 and consists of Julia Powell, Carlos Reyes, and Christina Piasecki. Julia is on guitar and vocals, Carlos is on keyboards/synth, and Christina is on drums. Julia started playing guitar and writing songs when she was around 9 years old. No one else in Julia’s family is necessarily musical or artsy, but because she has been involved with music from such a young age it has been a huge part of her life. Christina and Carlos didn’t come from homes rich in music either, but they have been taught the love and appreciation of music. The band name Vetnough, comes from an Indie movie called “Frank” that’s about a failed musician who finds a band and everyone in the band is insane. They go to this island, Vetno, to record their album. Vetnough added the “ugh” to make it fancy. Vetnough recommends to anyone who’s into music or indie films to watch “Frank.”

They consider themselves to be “dark wave indie rock,” but haven’t been able to pinpoint a specific genre yet. Vetnough has many influencers, including but not limited to, Amy Winehouse, The XX, Portishead, Alphaville, Herbie Hancock, Lemolo, and many more. Julia tells us that Amy Winehouse is her biggest personal influence because her lyrics are so real and direct. Julia tries to adopt that as much as possible. She loves artist that are shameless in what they do. That may include wearing a crazy mask and screaming into a microphone or writing about faults and flaws, something that makes it unapologetically real. “I think that that is something that’s missing in a lot of mainstream music today.”

When trying to find that creative vibe, the band will go into their “cave”, turn the lights off, use the stage lights, and simply go for it. If it is Julia on her own, she will sit on her bedroom floor with the guitar and start writing whatever comes to mind. Vetnough has been working on releasing their next EP, Tired Sounds, which released on August 30th, 2019. They also planning 2 tours in Florida for September and October, while also working on a new music video. Between playing shows, releasing new music and videos, touring, etc. is has been difficult for the band to get out there. But they are doing what they love so it is worth it. The band also gets together at least twice a week to practice, along with doing individual practice on their own. For them a good session consists of lighting and everyone coming in with a good mind and attitude. Each member of the band also works but have a great support system supporting them.

The best advice that has been given to the band came from a drunk man at an open mic night, “Take your music as far as you can. It’s gonna suck sometimes, but it’s all just part of the experience. If ya got something going, then go for it.” They give that advice to new bands as well. “Practice, Practice, Practice.” Also recommended would be to play with people that share the same dedication and hustle. Being on stage and performing is Julia’s favorite thing to do. Putting on the best show possible is what has brought new fans and can help to bring new fans to any new bands going out and putting on a show.

Vetnough is on all streaming platforms!



Vetnough also regularly releases live videos on their YouTube and Facebook

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