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Interview with Intention Studio Design, LLC

by: Jevon Armstrong

At the young age of 17, Samantha Vickers picked up a sharpie and started drawing. Now she is doing digital and traditional art. She is the founder, artist, and designer of Intention Studio Design, LLC. They create high-performance active wear, trendy clothing and accessories with inspiring artwork to elevate the mind, body, and soul. Samantha admires Salvador Dali and Derek Hess for their surrealism and bizarreness.

Vikers's favorite thing about what she does is being able to escape reality and create something that has never been created. She uses her emotions to help her create and music, which never does get loud enough when needed. She is currently working on designing hand bags and over various products.

Find more about Intention Studio Design, LLC. and Samantha Vickers below.



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