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Interview with Tattoo Artist Kodi Klo

Tattoo artist Kodi Klo began tattooing in the summer of 2009 and apprenticed under his father ‘Billy Gunn’ and Curtis Ely. Based out of Toledo, Kodi owns one of Ohio’s Oldest tattoo studios, originally Toledo Tattoo Company established in 1978.

Kodi Klo’s influences are Japanese floral art, illustrative art, and graffiti. His idols include Timmy B, Josh Woods, and Dave Tevenal. With all of Kodi’s work he wants to make sure that they are bright, bold, and that will last a lifetime. While being a tattoo artist, it brings in a variety of subjects and characters. Kodi enjoys the change of pace and variety that comes through each day. Kodi holds himself and his art to a high standard. For this reason, he has had to turn away some work. He does this in order to respect himself and the art that he is completing on a forever canvas. Once this is explained to the clients, most seem to understand.

Like any artist, they have favorites. Kodi favorite tattoo on himself is the rose job stopper. A job stopper is a tattoo on the hand and the tattoo was completed by his father within his first year of tattooing. Kodi uses it as motivation and as a reminder that there is not turning back. Tattoo artists are always asked if they have tattooed themselves. Kodi, like many other tattoo artists, has a tattoo on his calf that he did. It took 8 hours to complete. The tattoo is a wolf and a cardinal. He believes that symbolic tattoos are the best way to represent a loved one. He decided to the wolf for his grandmother and the cardinal for his great grandmother.

When not busy at the shop, Klo can be found at car shows, traveling, and spending time with his family and pets. He is collecting Volkswagens and his favorite would be his 1959 Volkswagen Beetle. He is also working on renovating a building he recently bought and is hoping to this completed within the next year. Kodi also wanted to share some advice.

“Be Humble. You never stop learning. Learn from everyone you can and keep motivated.”

How to find Kodi:

Instagram: @Kodiklotattoos

Facebook: /Kodiklotattoos



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