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Behind the Lense Photographer: Meagan Paramore

Meagan Paramore is a 29-year-old mom, fiancé, and photographer. She enjoys being creative and making people smile. "I love making others feel good about themselves." For as long as Meagan can remember, she has loved photography.

When she first started, she would get discouraged when seeing someone else's work, but Meagan gained the confidence to know that she is doing great work. "Boudoir photography made me feel on top of the world by making women feel beautiful and have more confidence in themselves."

"Music inspires me. Other people's art inspires me. Dreams." Influenced by Annie Leibowitz, Joel Wilson, Richard Avedon, Jen Rozenbaum, and her fiancé. "Everyone is different, and everyone views art differently, it doesn't mean yours is bad."

An integral part of Meagan's work is the drive and passion for wanting to create. Her dream project would be to have her studio develop and have the space to do more significant projects.

"Never give up. The more you practice, the better you'll become. Never think that you're asking a dumb question."

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