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Monstrous Vows

By: Kannibal©

Resurrect the reflection you shattered while discussing concepts that matter. Venation in striation is where you focused after scratching the surface. I'm not a buffer I say as I hold your heart in my hands. You never expected it to beat so feverishly after the shock wore off. I told you, you'd love me. Caring isn't conditional but I showed you the terms of service. The difference between you and I is my hope is like a powder keg in the river, you can distill the residue but the explosion will always make a dent. Its a wonder you get dressed in the morning with your fear of change. I accepted the monster you are, I just assumed you could be housebroken.

I'm not done yet.

You leapt in head first but you forgot how to swim. I'll dive in behind you, I've been holding my breath. There's the look of love you gave longing for my help as I calmly sink. Let's see if knowing makes it less painful. I'm not reaching for you anymore, I'm just here to watch you get what you thought you wanted. I've had your answer if you'd simply listen but now we both get to witness your demise. Seconds take days when it involves the one you love.

I thought the revolver was in the closet?

Alice always enjoyed the attention of a well oiled machine. How many suitors were there? More than one could count but she would rather be adorned with tapestries of inner workings than smothered with affection. Guess he didn't know he mattered compiled among the rest.

The thing is she will always leave a home for you in her heart even as you watch her decay. You don't deserve the sentiment of living on forever. You're casting shadows on my subconscious. I've never revered a great escape. Lets tempt fate and be in this together. I hear the weather is fair, on occasion. They're vying for your attention from beneath the pedestal shes been bequeathed. Her admirers adorn her with pleasantries while shes trying to determine how to exist without a heartbeat. As captivating as the sun on a warm summer day and you're the affliction. Shes etching your name on your favorite past time while you're searching for the exit...its stage left. Time is a fleeting notion but her emotions are not. The passion of a raging wildfire if you weren't too afraid to stoke the embers. You'll regret the eclipse you cause. Her love could light the night sky while not expecting recompense from the moon.

Personification of ubiquitous malpresence. Feverish futility fueled by omnipotence. I can't give you belief in your misconceived perception. You're the end of all my sentences, a well diagraphed formation of malignancy. I love you as one loves oneself, but you'd rather partake in self loathing. Discomfort signals growth of your stunted aptitude. I'll grab the water make sure we don't drown. Unnecessary brush strokes coined as happy accidents. I've never learned how to fall out of love.

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