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Moxie by Rosie Rockabilly

Model: Rosie Rockabilly Photographer: Jesus Cheno

The Legend of a Moxie

“She was born under the stars and raised by the moon. A witch filled with passion, purpose, and doom. She was known as a Moxie, a witch of desire. She wore love, lust and longing like a dress of hellfire. Her seductive nature and infectious way, lead many to seek her love hexing play. With a whisk of her hand and a twitch of her eye, her witchery filled one's love to apply.”


The legend has followed me since I knew what I was. Like a shadow lurking alongside, consuming as light fades. I walk in darkness, but I live amongst the world. A witch performing solicitations of love and lust. Serving others in attaining their deepest, darkest fantasies. You see a Moxie fulfills desires of passion, but remains longing for that of her own. We are said to possess a different kind of magic. One so powerful that it could bring grown men to their knees wanting and longing for the intended hex.

Of Goddess stature, and voluptuous curves, we are known to be seductive and irresistible. Love scorned souls gather to breath in my infectious nature in hopes my love potion brings them what they crave. They are hopeful mortals, wearing their sextual intentions like a heart on their sleeve. Tossing out words like “soul mates”, and “the one” like randomly falling love could actually be a thing. Insatiably I toss my head to the stars and laugh. In my experience over thousands of years, infatuation may have been the magnet, but lust is always the driving force.

Model: Rosie Rockabilly Photographer: Jesus Cheno

As day becomes night and the stars brush the earth, my calling is like an alluring pheromone. A hypnotic and sensual perfume drawing broken, loveless men and women to begin to congregate. I draw power from the stars as I brew my tea. A dash of cinnamon, a pinch of saffron, 7 dried rose buds for matters of the heart, and finally the essence of a Moxie is all they need. They drink with no conscious of worry or fear. For love is in their future as the stars appear.

Some say something magical happens under those stars, when lovers and lusters become who they are. Freckling the sky, lighting their way to passion and romance in this most alternative way. The reality I see is affliction for me. Affection, warmth, and devotion has forever escaped me. See, those lovers and lusters think their hearts have been filled when in reality the lifeblood of love needs to be willed. It can't be simply made or wished in a jar. For love is an emotion that reaches too far.

Model: Rosie Rockabilly Photographer: Jesus Cheno


So it's haunting I see under stars; wishful, helpless, souls of afar. A Moxie I am, and a Moxie I forever will be, casting spells of love with no end for me.



Model/Writer - Rosie Rockabilly

Model Management - Twisted Angels IG: @twisted_angels_models

Photographer - Jesus Cheno/JD Photography

Location - Hotel McCoy, Tucson, Arizona

Social media:

Rosie Rockabilly

Email -

Jesus Cheno

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Shooting Location: Hotel McCoy

Retro meets contemporary here at our 71960’s mid-century modern art hotel. From the fully restored pool to the A-shaped entrance & exposed posts & beams, it’s the best of both worlds.

Tucson is magic. We’ll share that with you when you are here. The lobby is adorned with pieces created by Arizona artists. The beer we serve was brewed just down the street. The wine we pour comes from AZ wine country. The coffee we brew was roasted right here in Tucson.

True to our roots, Hotel McCoy emphasizes function & affordability – offering fellow wanderers local style & high-end amenities at low rates. This is what we call Travel For All.

“An artist of any kind will feel at home at the Hotel McCoy. From the moment of my arrival I was inspired to create magic. From the breathtaking murals, to the walls adorned with local artists' pictures, to the magical hidden treasure that glowed as stars that freckled the alleyway at night.” - Rosie Rockabilly

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