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Image by Sincerely Media

Makeup Artist: Hannah Dorion

Hannah Dorion of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a 24-year-old makeup artist. She discovered her passion for makeup when she was five and was beginning ballet. Hannah has explored all types of makeup, from body paint to beauty and everything in between. "As I got older, I dove into the different types of makeup to explore via YouTube tutorials and have never stopped exploring and expanding my craft!"

Hannah's art represents a period in her life. Each look can convey an experience, a mental state, a time of year, etc. When she was first starting to do makeup, it would only be on herself and a few friends. She has recently had the opportunity to expand her business and take clients for events, photoshoots, and independent films. "I tackled a 31 Days of Halloween series this past October, and I am very proud of the series as a whole! It was challenging and so much fun; those have to be some of my favorite looks."

Inspired by the work of Danessa Myricks, Bobbi Brown, and RuPaul Charles. "I am constantly inspired and motivated by their stories, teachings, and art." Hannah is also a huge Mac Miller fan. She finds his music inspiring and emotional and usually is who is on repeat.

"I believe passion has to be the driving force behind an artist. Without passion, the art could potentially lack depth and the ability to connect or resonate with observers."

Hannah's dream project would be to do the makeup for a cover of Vogue. Followers can find all of her work on Instagram, Facebook, and at

"Be authentically you no matter what. If you are creating from a place of passion and love for your craft, you will naturally attract the clients/followers/supporters that are right for you!"

Follow Hannah on Instagram @hannahdorion and Facebook /HannahLeighDorion


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