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Step by Step Guide on Submitting to Myssfit Magazine

We often get questions pertaining to how our submissions form should be completed. I created a guide to assist anyone with some of the most common questions.


To locate the Photography submission and guidelines page, hover over the Submissions Tab and select 'Photographer/Model Submissions'.

Themes & Deadlines are always posted at the top of our submissions page. We only accept submissions one month at a time. We also provide links to our mood boards if you need some ideas to what we will accept for the theme.

We always suggest that you review the guidelines to ensure that your images meet quality expectations. We want your images will print beautifully, so this is important.

Some things to note:

  • We accept implied nudity as long as it fits the theme and is suitable for delivery across the world.

  • No cell phone edited images.

  • No cell phone selfies.

  • No cell phone screen shot images.

  • Remove watermarks. (We do credit all creatives if accepted)

  • We do not accept emailed submissions

Further submissions details can be located here.

The submission form link is available at the bottom of the guidelines page.

We currently use Google Forms for our submission process. You may be asked to log in using your Google account. Yes, this is a safe process.


Please be sure to double check for spelling/punctuation before clicking the submit button! This saves us from having to make edits after the issue has been released. It can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to process the new upload.


Our theme will be posted in the form with additional information pertaining to the theme.

Model Information. Please check for spelling errors. If you are using Google Chrome, it may autofill each line. We have had some cases where we get phone numbers and street addresses instead.

Photographer Information. Yes, we need the Photographer's name and email in order to have them sign our required release form if accepted. The Photographer can remain anonymous to the public by selecting "Yes" in the required field.

Please include ALL credits if available. (i.e. HMUA, Designed pieces, etc.)

Before you begin to upload your images, we provide a check list. We understand that it may seem repetitive, but believe it or not, we still receive screen shot images, images with water marks, cell phone selfies, etc.

We have two options for you to provide your images. 1. you can manually upload 2 to 5 images. or 2. You can provide us with a Dropbox or Google Drive Link. You do not need to complete both.

The last steps provide you with our initial release form. Please review and then follow the steps to confirm your entry.

Once submitted, a copy of the completed form/initial release will be sent to your email. If you do not receive it and would like a copy, please email us at

If you are accepted, you will receive an email 1-2 days after the submission form closes. Example: August 15th deadline. Acceptance email will be sent August 16th-17th.

If you are accepted, our final release form will be provided in the acceptance email. This is ONLY for photographers.

We do not send rejection emails. We will not respond to emails requesting why a submission was rejected. However we do encourage you to join our Myssfit Creative Network for critiques from our safe community of fellow creatives.

Additional Q & A's can be located here.

We recently started providing all features with free mini mags. However, there may be months where we cannot support it. Myssfit uses funds from our fullsize issues, store and Patreon to support YOU. So please be sure to like, comment and share our posts with your friends and family!

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