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Image by Sincerely Media

Obscurity Photography Captures Another Side

Written by: Jevon Armstrong

Concord, CA- Obscurity Photography, based out of Concord, California, captures a side of people that most other people don't see.

People in their own element, candid moments, periods of waiting, people in their individual element. Allowing photo-shoots to be more laid back, the real personalities begin to shine through. Ray Ray accidentally discovered his passion for photography after having a retail website and needing a photographer, which was too expensive.

He bought a camera and began taking pictures of the items he was posting online. Unfortunately, the website ended up being taken down, and Ray-Ray started to take his camera everywhere he went. Like most of us, when he first started with photography, he followed all of the rules, until he knew all of the rules and began to break them. Breaking the rules composition is what sets him apart from others.

In his 4 years of being in the photography business, there have been many late nights, early mornings, energy drinks, junk food, music, and being his own worst critic. A photographer of 20 years has messaged Ray Ray to compliment what he has done in his short time in the photography realm. Obscurity Photography has had photos used on a cover of two local Vallejo Hip Hop artist's songs.

One of Ray Ray's favorite photographs has been a Vallejo rapper portrait, Oscyi MT Mayor, sitting in his car at sunset smoking a joint. While Ray Ray has been cautious about portraying cannabis in his work, multiple people told him that this photo needed to be seen. And we here at Myssfit agree that it is a piece of art that needs to be seen.

Wanting to teach photography, Ray Ray advises to find your groove, learn the rules before you break them, and don't let the struggle or pain stop you. Obscurity Photography can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and

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