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Image by Sincerely Media

Behind the Lense with Photographer: Rosa Duran

Rosa Duran of Ro.Photography92 is a photographer and owns her own business and

handles everything independently. Ro.Photography92 offers individual and family photography and landscape photography. Rosa's friend Sarah pushed Rosa to open the business. "I never ever thought about opening a small business, but she pushed me to it, and I did. I'm so happy I let her push me to believe in myself."

"My mission is to capture moments that are no longer with us. To give people something to look back at and to inspire them to feel beautiful about themselves."

"Doubt is always at the back of my mind," Rosa tells us. She talks to her sister in these moments to help encourage her to persevere. During the pandemic, "It's a scary moment. In the beginning, I no longer had a business. I figured out I could keep taking pictures as long as I took precautions and only shot outdoors. This worked throughout the summer, but now, with winter (in Chicago), I am starting to wonder how my small business will stay afloat." And Rosa continues to persevere, has the determination and the motivation to keep her business thriving. "I think my advice is be cautious and keep trying. If one thing won’t work, try something else. but don’t forget to ALWAYS be aware of your safety and your customers."

"Don’t give up. Cliché? I know... but I mean it! DO NOT GIVE UP!"

Personal Hello from Rosa:

-Hi My name is Rosa,

I am a Chicago photographer and I’ve been taking pictures (professionally) for about 2 years now! (Wow, time flies). But, let me just say... photography has been something that I have always loved. This is my hobby turned business and I would not have it any other way.

Taking pictures of my family is what started this small business. Over the years I’ve been able to not only capture my family’s beauty but other families as well. I’ve worked in weddings, engagements, birthdays, baptisms, Quinceañeras, and with other brands! My camera has been by my side this whole time and has allowed me to leave a little of myself in people’s homes, businesses, phones, and social medias!

Find Rosa on Instagram @Ro.photography92 and Facebook /Ro.photography92.

Her website coming soon:


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