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Inside the Studio: Spirit of the Bear

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Written by: Jevon Armstrong

(Columbus, Ohio) July 10, 2020 - Today, Spirit of the Bear begins their new full-length album cycle with their first single in a year and a half, “Summer Snow”. The disco-inspired indie rock song touches upon themes of spiritual growth and a return to nature, which is reflected in the song’s vintage-inspired music video. The song, which was written during an eight-day reclusive writing trip, was produced entirely by the band.

Inside the Studio

We are always trying to find up and coming local artists to shine some extra light on the local talent. We recently came were contacted by Spirit of the Bear, and fell in love with their sound. Indie rock, pop, and electronic sensibilities with lyrics that are thoughtful and meaningful. A new single, "Summer Snow," is scheduled to release on July 10th. They have been working on this album for the past year and are very excited to share something that they have put so much thought and care into. We are anxious to hear this new album, as their previous work is phenomenal!

Spirit of the Bear consists of James Harker on vocals and guitar, Denny Svenson on keys and electronics, Ethan Schwendeman on keys, Mike Perorazio on bass, and Jamie Vitullo on drums and percussion. Having been in the same high school, the band played in either orchestra or concert bands, and lead to them forming Spirit of the Bear. Before Ethan and Mike had joined the group, the other 3 members took a Facebook quiz to find out what their spirit animal was, and the three of them received the Spirit of the Bear. The name has grown to have a much deeper meaning and personal connection to the band over the years. Ethan tells us, "It gives us a connection to nature, a theme that we call on in the new music. It also shows the change and progress we have made as more than just a group of musicians, but as lifelong friends who make music together."

The band practices most of the time individually since they are not all in one city, but when they perform at a show, they practice the morning of the gigs. Ethan gave some advice to musicians who may be just starting out, "If you have someone who loves your music, build that relationship." Their closest fans are also their closest friends. "Nothing feels better than playing new music with someone you know will support you!" The best advice the band had received can also be applied to our daily lives, "The truth is often what we make of it; you heard what you wanted to hear, believed what you wanted to believe."

While Myssfit has heard "Summer Snow" and is beyond ecstatic for it to be released. The band gave us a sneak peek into what the song and their upcoming album mean to them. "“Summer Snow” is really about us learning to exist within the space we’ve been given. As we’ve grown together as a band over the past few years, we felt that this is really the first time when we’ve fully understood ourselves, each other, and our place as people, to a certain extent, and the whole new album explores those concepts. This song acts as the centerpiece for our new album. Much of our music touches on themes of returning to nature, positive growth from difficult times, and learning to accept ourselves and each other. I can't say for others, but my favorite track is "Haunt Me." The song has an amazing breath of synths and passion!" During this crazy time here on planet earth, I think we could all use some of these reminders.

While Spirit of the Bear doesn't have any planned shows yet, they have been working on getting the inside scoop on other artists. This can be found on their weekly podcast called "Hear it from the Bear," which can be found on Youtube and other streaming sites. You can also catch their music on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music.

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