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SPONSOR SHOUTOUT: Inside look at Electric Bubblegum

by: Jevon Armstrong

Electric Bubblegum pushes the boundaries of fun, futuristic fashion into a new avenue of apparel and accessories by using new, innovative textiles that add an edge to the classic definition of fun apparel. They believe apparel should be not only fun but entertaining as well.

Electric Bubblegum is girly with an edge. They wanted a name that would make customers think of glitter, fun, and pink but also cutting edge and futuristic. The idea stemmed from Mariah's senior thesis project at Savannah College of Art and Design. It quickly outgrew a school project when classmates wanted to start buying the liquid glitter accessories. They are currently the only brand that puts liquid glitter in their clothes.

Within the next year, Electric Bubblegum is hoping to expand the brands team and increase how many stores carry their products throughout


In five years, they hope the brand will inspire others to be fun and fearless with their style and to embrace what they love. Electric Bubblegum is hopeful that their brand will bring endless happiness and joy to people through the interesting materials and over the top, fun, and girly, but edgy streetwear.

Find them on Instagram, Facebook, or visit their website.

Don't forget to submit your Cover Model submissions by September 30th for your chance to win some great prizes donated by Electric Bubblegum.

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