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Image by Sincerely Media

By: Kannibal©

You're casting shadows on my subconscious. I've never revered a great escape. Let's tempt fate and be in this together. I hear the weather is fair, on occasion. They're vying for your attention from beneath the pedestal shes been bequeathed. Her admirers adorn her with pleasantries while shes trying to determine how to exist without a heartbeat.

As captivating as the sun on a warm summer day and you're the affliction. She's etching your name on your favorite past time while you're searching for the's stage left. Time is a fleeting notion but her emotions are not. The passion of a raging wildfire if you weren't too afraid to stoke the embers. You'll regret the eclipse you caused. Her love could light the night sky while not expecting recompense from the moon.

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