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Inside the Studio: Sxndhxlp

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

(Downriver, Michigan)- Jackson, best known as Sxndhxlp is an independent artist from Michigan.

His chosen name, Sxndhxlp, stemmed from a time in his life where he admittedly was mentally not in an alright place. Using the x's as a placeholder, he felt it made the name like a hidden message that needed to be deciphered. "Now, I like to think of the name Sxndhxlp as more of an entity that could send help to other people around the world as it could to music as well."

His genre of music he described is alternative hip-hop and grunge trap. "I don’t like to put myself in a box seeing as I enjoy exploring new styles every few months," Sxndhxlp says. However, he also likes to experiment with foreign pop, rock, and acoustic music. His music sends a unique message that reminds his listeners to let go, be yourself, and continue to enjoy your life no matter what others think of you. "Don't let pride and self-entitlement get to your head," he said.

"My main goal is to change the way we as artists interact with our fans. I do not want to be looked at as anything more than the people who choose to support me. “Flexing” or acting superior to the fans who make it possible for me to give my kids things I never had is counterproductive in my eyes. They deserve more recognition than we do because, without them, this could never work for not just me but anyone. Period."

Sxndhxlp was introduced to British rock as a baby and all through childhood. That is when he fell in love with the guitar and piano. "I explored every sound that I could get my hands on," he said. Some of his influences to his craft evolved from Oasis, Lil Wayne, Marilyn Manson, Young Thug, U2, Xxxtentacion, Staind, and many more.

"I chose to make music because I was told at a young age, that if you’re choosing to do something you love you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Music found me just as much as I found music at a very young age," he said.

For many musicians, chasing a musical career isn't a comfortable journey. Around every corner lies a hidden obstacle and another fork in the road. He mentioned that if you are just starting, do not pay attention to your followers. "In my experience I just visioned that I always had millions. In my opinion it causes a lot of discouragement you may face just starting out. Tell yourself you already have the things you want and believe it with firm emotion and it will come true every time."

More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic affected many artists from around the world. Unfortunately, it put a stop to Sxndhxlp's scheduled tours, but he plans on getting back on track when it is safe and also plans some nonprofit meet and greets.

COVID-19 may have halted the growth in the music industry, but it has also allowed time for reflection for all. It has given somewhat of a break for Sxndhxlp, which has allowed him to spend more time with his children. "The balance of everything is honestly something I’m still working on," he says. "I’m new to this and just have to learn with time and get better at it."

Criticism is something artists learn how to react too as they own their craft. Sxndhxlp says that he feels he handles it well. One of his biggest idols, Marilyn Manson, once said, “Success isn’t measured on how many people love you, but also on how many people hate you, because if you’re doing something everyone loves it isn’t worth too much.”

One of the many challenges he also faced was the increase of followers/fans. He was once able to read and respond to all of the comments, but as of late, he isn't able to, which makes him feel guilty. "It happened so fast, I couldn't keep up," he said. He mentioned that if you are just starting, do not pay attention to your followers because sometimes they can cause you to feel discouraged. "Tell yourself you already have the things you want and believe it with firm emotion and it will come true every time," he said.

"Don’t take life too seriously, no one makes it out alive. In other words, take care of business but don’t lose yourself in the process. Enjoy your life, you only get one".

Sxndhxlp prefers to spend his time with his two beautiful daughters. Soon to join his little family, a son is coming this November. "My kids are my main drive to be successful," he says. Often, when he is with his kids, he is by their side making music.

He also enjoys nature, especially camping around a fire and watching storms, some things he often did with his mother, who recently passed away in June. "Those were some of the things we enjoyed doing together. They give me a soothing feeling like she’s still right next to me at times," he said.

Right now, Sxndhxlp released his debut EP “Clay” out on all platforms as well as his newest EP “Hxlp” along with multiple singles.

You can support Sxndhxlp on his journey by visiting his website:

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