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Tattoo Artist Marky Mark of Titan Tattoo

Mesa, Arizona - Award Winning Tattoo Artist with 14 years of experience, Mark Luther, "Marky Mark" of Titan Tattoo, has more up his "sleeve" than tattooing. Mark is also a painter, body paint artist, clothing designer and graffiti artist.

Discovering his talent at a young age, he gathered most of his inspiration from his high school art teacher, and everyone he has worked with during his years of tattooing. Most of his creative work is also pulled from well known artists like, Van Gough, Salvador Dali and Banksy. "Tattooing is a never ending learning experience, and my practice has just progressed over the 14 yrs I've been in the industry," Mark says.

What does your artwork represent?:

My tattoo work represents what my clients are looking to achieve, could be a memorial for a loved one, or something that represents a time in their life, many things. My painters represent me and what ever i may be feeling or a political view it ranges on my mood or what I'm feeling at the time, and my clothing I hand paint hats and shirts on commission, as well as my own creations, but all my art is my passion and have a unique kind of style

How do you get into your creative space?:

Life experiences inspire my painting, or emotions, most time the ideas come to me and I sketch it out I don't really get into a creative space till I start drawing, painting or tattooing.

What’s your favorite piece of art work you have created?:

There are too many to choose from, but any memorial tattoos I have done are always special and mean a lot to me to tattoo.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?:

I've had people cry after receiving a memorial tattoo for a loved one, i had a client as me to listen to a song and design a tattoo from what i thought song meant to represent his tattoo and i matched it to the image in his head with out knowing what he imagined, that i will never forget.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?:

You will continue to grow if you continue to learn.

What’s integral to the work of an artist?:

Besides pencils, paper, or painting supplies, what's integral to a artist is a sense of creativity, a means to bring emotion to life on canvas or as body art.

What is your dream project?:

Always wanted to do a wall mural, or do a full body suit tattoo.

To any creatives struggling in the world, "Follow your passion no matter where it takes you, and even if you struggle don't quit, just push and always give 110%. If you dream it you can live it," Marky Mark.

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