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The Man, the Woman and... by LouAnn Goodrum

We bought our house in 2000. It is a large Victorian home, about 135 years old. It has lots of charm and personality as well as spirits.

My oldest daughter has always had the ability to see spirits. It started when she was an infant. I would see her looking up at the ceiling and laughing and cooing as if someone was talking to her.

When she was about 16 she shared this experience with me…

I woke up about 7AM and when I was getting out of bed I stepped on her. I asked her why she was sleeping on the floor by my bed and she told me the following experience.

She said she woke up to find 3 people in her room, a man, a woman and a little boy. She said she didn’t think they could see her because they didn’t make any type of contact with her. She said they looked like they were dressed in clothing from the 1800’s. She said they stood there for a few minutes then slowly turned and walked through the wall and was gone. Creepy I agree.

Skip forward about 10 years…

I went to see a psychic with my friends and a couple of my kids. I didn’t make this appointment to see her, my friend did, so she didn’t know my name, my phone number, my address, nothing about me or my kids. I was always curious if there was anything of value on my property since I know people used to bury money on some of these older properties.

When I went into see the woman, I asked her if there was anything buried on my property. She looked at me for a moment and said, your property if pretty big? I said yes. She said, “but it’s not square or rectangular like most properties is it?” I just kind of looked at her because I feel, you’re the psychic, you tell me! Haha! She grabbed a sheet of paper and began to draw my property line, which comes down the front of the house, turns to the right and then angles towards the creek behind my house, turns straight again, and then another right and straight back to the street. It’s actually more of a 4 sided triangle if that makes sense. I was dumbfounded to say the least that she actually got that right.

She then looked at me and pointed to the drawing and said, “ I see bricks or blocks in your yard.” She said “right here in the corner”. I said yes, we have a large stack of S shaped bricks my husband had brought home to make a patio. She then looked at and me and said, “There are three people buried there, a man, a woman and a little boy. She said “they have been there for a very very long time”. She said ” I want to say back to the 1800’s.” She felt that the little boy had died from illness and the Mother passed shortly after from a broken heart. Dad, she said “died years later”. The hair on the back of my neck stood up because I suddenly remembered the story my daughter Sarah had told me about the 3 people who were in her room and how they were dressed like the 1800’s.

So while I never found out if there was money on my property, it did answer the question as to why I and my kids were always creeped out about being in the back yard at night. Always felt like someone was watching us.

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