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The Mist by LouAnn Goodrum

I live in a rural area just south of Pittsburgh, Pa. When we first moved to the house in 2000, my youngest son, Justin, who was 13 at the time, was in the room I’m in right now playing video games. It was late at night and he was down here all alone. He heard what sounded like a banging upstairs, right above him. Out of reaction he looked up at the ceiling where the sound was coming from. Just as he looked up he saw a “black mist” coming from the ceiling down towards him. He ran out of the room, and into the kitchen. When he got into the kitchen he saw what he described as a white figure standing by the sink. Really freaked out he then ran up stairs to his bedroom and shut the door. When I got up in the morning I found everything downstairs had been left on.

When I told my husband his story, he told me that he heard the banging as well in the same area of the home. Our bedroom was right above the room Justin was in. When he looked over towards that area he said he watched as something, unseen to his eyes, was basically throwing our baby daughter, Taylor, around like a rag doll in her crib. Thankfully she was not hurt and as soon as she started to cry it stopped. My husband, who does not believe in spirits was pretty shook up to say the least.

Yours truly slept through the whole thing. This house is very old, about 135 years, so I’m sure there is plenty of history and drama in these walls.

LouAnn Goodrum

Pittsburgh, Pa.

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