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What Makes a Perfect Day?

by: Jevon Armstrong

What makes a perfect day? Is it a smell, a sight, a loving glance, sitting on the beach, watching a sunset, standing at the top of a mountain? Everyone is going to have a different idea of what a perfect day is. What all goes into creating your perfect day though? The right outfit that feeds into attitude to embrace the day? The sun capturing his/her hair just perfectly while standing on the beach? The way the moonlight captures his/her eyes while their face is lit up from the bonfire? The smell of the bakery sweeping the town? The way the ice skaters look on Christmas Eve as they go around the rink holding the hand of the one they love?

When these events happen, a memory is stored within our brains and we often try to recreate them as often as we can because it was more than just a memory. It was an overall feeling that took over our entire body. It’s the goosebumps that start at the top of the scalp slowly moving down towards our toes. There are so many things that go into each perfect day that we don’t take the time to think about. It’s not just the what our senses our picking up. This perfect day comes from atoms becoming molecules and bonding with other molecules in order to create the day that you might need or want at that exact moment.

The perfect day comes when we least expect it and often times when we might need it most. And when we try to recreate those moments, we want to create the memory almost exactly, it can’t necessarily be done. It can be frustrating to try and not have it work exactly as expected. But we also need to remember the feeling that it brought within us and who might’ve been involved.

Break the memory down and remember those small things. Maybe not down to the exact molecule, but in other ways. Attempt to replicate the dish the bakery was making at home? Look at the person you saw in that particular light and remember the reason they looked so amazing in your minds eye on that particular day. It can’t be just the sun or moon that caused them to look a certain way. Check out that mountaintop again or the beach. Remember the feelings that it brought and think about why it made you feel a certain way. Reflect on it for a moment and you might be recreating that perfect day in a new way.

We want to hear from you and what your perfect day might look like.

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