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You CAN Overcome Bullying

by: Lauren Hobbs Sterling Images Model and Talent Agency

Have you ever been a victim of bullying? The most common answer is yes! Bullying is on of the major issues in our society today. Bullying comes in many forms: Physical, Verbal, Social and Cyber. We are constantly labeled! It’s an epidemic that occurs in schools, workplaces, entertainment industries, communities as well as homes. How these people were raised and their up-bringing as well as broken homes. Many people in the world don’t seem to understand how big of a problem bullying is today. Bullying isn’t something that can be explained, it can only be experienced.

Bullying does not count out race, sex, gender nor change. The hurtful words/actions are very powerful to the victims. People bully others because they are fighting something within themselves. Bullies do not care about how others feel or what they may be going through. It affects the victims on how they feel about themselves. It can make one feel worthless, depressed and more! Being an adult, you could never imagine it could happen to you, but it can.

I was recently a victim of cyber bullying. I felt weak, helpless and depressed. Because of my personal experiences I can say that bullying is very hard to deal with and very painful. Due to my recent experience it has made me stronger! I found my true self, I rose above! I have gained more courage through these experiences and it has made me who I am today and I’m truly grateful that it made me love MYSELF! I found self-love and acceptance, which is a HUGE key in dealing with bullying. I’ve learned that we should all have kindness. Compassion and respect the value of life and others. A tiny bit of kindness goes a long way!

If you are battling, just remember you are NOT alone! Never Stop telling your story, it takes a lot of courage to tell it, but it Can change someone’s life. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time. Happiness is within YOU-not others. I am strongly willing to make an impact in the community and others. Stand Your Ground and RISE UP!

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