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Q & A

Q: How can I be a model in your magazine?

A: All of our submissions come from freelance models and photographers. Photographers/Models usually seek one another to work on creative projects. We recommend locating Modeling groups on social media, or reaching out to Photographers/Models within your area. We recommend for Models to reach out to other models for photographer references/recommendations. This also goes for Photographers to reach out to other photographers or models they have worked in the past for recommendations.

Q: Are you an International Magazine?

A: Well, yes. We receive and accept submissions from all around the world. Our issues are only sold online which makes it easier for international distribution.

Q: Can we email you our submissions?

A: No. As of March 2019 we no longer accept emailed submissions. Please submit using the provided forms on our submissions pages. All emailed submissions will be disqualified.

Q: How do we submit for a Cover?

A: Currently, all submissions are reviewed for the potential of being a cover. Covers are nominated by the creative team each month.


Q: Is Myssfit Magazine a modeling agency?

A: No. We are a digital and print editorial that accepts photo submissions from freelance Photographers and Models.


Q: Where can we submit our photos?

A: Visit After reviewing the guidelines, the button to our form can be located at the bottom of the page.


Q: When are your deadlines?

A: Our deadlines will be listed at


Q: Do you accept selfie submissions?

A: No. Due to our requirements for printing, we cannot accept selfies. We are looking for professional entries. No cell phone images.


Q: When will I hear back if my submission was accepted?

A: You will be notified if you are accepted the day after submissions close.

Q: Can you review my images to let me know if they are good enough?

A: We do not provide individual critiques. We recommend you to join our Myssfit Networking group to get critiques from the professional creatives in the community.

Q: Why wasn't I accepted in the Myssfit Networking Group?

A: All questions must be answered to be reviewed for entry. In order to keep this group safe, you must be able to provide a link to your portfolio or recommendations from the creative community.


Q: Is Myssfit Magazine hiring for any open positions?

A: Unfortunately, at this time we are not accepting applications. We are a team of volunteers working together with the same vision in mind. We hope in the coming years as we grow, this will change.

Q: What is your main email?



Q: Why won’t you follow us back on Instagram?

A: Instagram now has a follow limit of 7,500. To help reduce spam and create a safe community, we are now following stricter guidelines. Please, do not take it personally! If you want us to see your images, tag us #myssfitmagazine or @myssfitmagazine


Q: I emailed my photo submissions, but have not heard back. What gives?

A: We only accept submissions via our submission forms at Due to the number of emails we receive, past submissions were often lost in the shuffle. To streamline the process, we now only accept via our Google form that can be located in the above link.

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