The purpose of this form is to report any instances of bullying that has been found within the creative community. That includes but not limited to: Verbal (offline), Cyber (online), Sexual Harassment, Prejudice, Physical, Relational Aggression, and Social (Rumors).


The purpose is to bring awareness to Myssfit Magazine LLC.  Our KIND reputation is important to us. We do not promote hate or those who promote hate.


After reviewing reports, we will determine what action we will be taking. We have the right to deny submissions from a person who was reported. We will not answer or provide anyone with any details regarding the initial report. All information will remain confidential for the safety of the submitter.


If you are a victim of bullying and/or sexual harassment, please take the steps to report within the social media outlets you have an account with. We recommend blocking, reporting, and if necessary to report the person to your local authorities should you be concerned for your safety and wellbeing.


If you were reported for bullying, there is currently no way to appeal these reports. We will not provide you with information whether or not your were in fact reported. We have the right to refuse any submissions without providing any reasoning according to our submission guidelines.

All terms and conditions apply.


Please provide us screen shots to support your request.

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