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A 2017 study revealed that roughly 4 in 10 Americans have personally experienced online harassment. 18% have been a target of severe behaviors; such as physical threats, and sexual harassment. Harassment is often focused on personal or physical characteristics, political views, gender, physical appearance and race are among the most common. - Pew Research Center (

February 8, 2022

Hi Friends!

Moving forward, to report a Cyberbully within the Myssfit community, please email us directly. We will address any concerns you may have at that time. Please note, the reports expire after 6 months to 1 year as long as we did not have any additional reports. We do take these reports seriously- this is why we are policing our submissions. We want our community to be a safe haven for all. We do not promote those who promote hate.


Within your email, please provide any screenshots of public posts made, texts sent, etc. That will be your evidence to support your case. You do not need to supply us with your name if you do not feel comfortable. If we don't receive evidence that supports your case, it will still be saved for future reference should there be another occurrence. We will advise you when the email has been reviewed and filed. We will determine what action to take from there. *These details may not be shared with you.* 

All details shared with us will remain with us. We will not respond to any inquiries to see who was or has been reported. If you are a model/photographer and you have not be accepted within our recent issues, it could be a number of reasons. However, we reserve the right to deny without providing you reason. We get many submissions monthly. We do our best to give a chance to new faces first. We also have a submission cap in effect to prevent outrageous costs when it comes time to printing. You can find those details here.

We appreciate your understanding! We are working to make the creative world a better place!



March 10, 2021

Dear Friends,


The overall mission for Myssfit Magazine is to promote a safe, supportive and KIND collective of creatives from around the entire world. A place where everyone is respectful towards others. We DO NOT tolerate any form of bullying (on and offline). Hateful comments are signs of true character. We have always made it known that if bullying or harassment of any form is found within the creative communities to report it.

We take disgusting, hateful comments seriously. If we find out that someone is spreading hate, sending unnecessary disrespectful comments and making fun of others for being different, we will no longer publish any of your submissions.

I, Bree, will continue to strive to ensure the Myssfit Community is a safe place. Due to recent light of bullying, I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. There is now an official report form in order for us to track offenders and keep you safe. The form will allow the victim to remain anonymous if they choose. All information received will remain confidential.


Keep spreading kindness. This world doesn't need anymore hate.

I love you all,



Videographer - Julian Nottage, Syracuse Ny Social Media links:


Model - Rosie Rockabilly (please use my stage name) Social media links:


​Location: Syracuse, NY Wardrobe: Myssfit Magazine HMU: model/Rosie Rockabilly The Spoken Words: Written by Model/Rosie Rockabilly

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