Model & Photographer Submissions

2020 Upcoming Themes

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we made some changes to upcoming themes. Please note that there is still a possibility they may change. All dates are tentative.


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August 2020 Holo There

All things holographic

Submissions Open July 14th

Deadline August 15th

Release Date August 20th

September 2020 OPEN

Anything your heart desires!

Submissions Open August 18th

Deadline September 13th

Release Date September 16th

October 2020 Occult

The supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena

Submissions Open September 15th

Deadline October 16th

Release Date October 18th

Myssfit Magazine gives you the opportunity to contribute your work in an alternative publication. Myssfit Magazine. We do not judge based upon gender, race, religion, sexual orientation etc. We accept submissions from everyone! Inked or not! The only requirement is creativity! 


When submitting please follow the guidelines outlined on this page. Upon reviewing submissions, Myssfit Magazine reserves the rights to Accept or Deny any submission we receive. Submissions are reviewed based on its content, quality, relevance and the availability of space in the issue its being submitted to be published.


Myssfit Magazine DOES NOT provide free print copies, as presently the publication is printed exclusively through magcloud, Magcloud prints-by-purchase. We hope in the next 5 years as we grow, this will be able to change. We don’t pay for submissions, all photo shoot expenses for a submission to the magazine is covered by the team conducting the project. 


Once your submissions are accepted, we prefer that they are not posted online or any social media until the magazine is released.

We do not accept emailed submissions.

Submission Guidelines: 


  • Must be 18+ to submit

  • Implied nudity is okay. Must be suitable for delivery to all communities and countries.

  • All submission should be between 2-5  images. A maximum of 4 and a minimum of 1 will be chosen.

  • Portraits are preferred 8.5x11 for Portraits at 300 DPI. This is important for print quality purposes.

  • Please remove watermarks, copyright notices, or other forms of text.

  • When submitting for consideration, credit all who contributed to the shoot. Please including the photographers name/business, models name, hair and makeup artist, stylist (if applicable). This information is essential for publication. Please use proper case and double-check to make sure all credit information is accurate! Credits will be published exactly as sent. Any errors will not be our responsibility.

  • No cellphone selfies, screenshots or phone edited images!

  • We do not pay for submissions at this time.  


Once an image is accepted to be published, an email will be sent to the creative team for the Photographer to complete a release form. This grants us the permission to use the Photographer's work in any of our publications, websites, videos, marketing pieces, advertisements,  and any other mediums or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and monetization of Myssfit Magazine. If we see your images are fit for further promotion, you will be notified by email.


  • There is little or no space left for the issue submitted for.

  •  Work was submitted after the deadline.

  • The quality of the images aren’t to our standard.

  • The submission did not fit the theme for the issue.

  • The submission contained cellphone edited "selfies" or screen shots.


Although your rejection could be due to any of the above stated reasons, we unfortunately are unable to provide critiques. We highly recommend joining our Facebook Group for friendly critiques from our amazing community of creatives.




  • All submissions deadlines are posted at the top of this page and within our Facebook cover. To give all a fair opportunity, no submission exceptions will be made following the closing date.

  • Our team does NOT review images until following day of the deadline to ensure all have a fair chance with editorial placement. 

  • Those accepted will receive an email following our deadline.


  • Digital Tear Sheets are available upon request.

  • Issues will be available via Magcloud

  • The purchase link will be posted on our Facebook page on the day of release, linked on our website , and sent via email.  We recommend creating a Magcloud account and following us for updates.

  • Mini Magazines are now available for Preorder for $10-12 which includes shipping. Those links will be made available at the time of release. These can take up to 2 weeks to ship.

In order to streamline and prevent any errors, all submissions must be sent by clicking the submission button below. 


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